The Heath (@1.83) vs Crettyard (@2.2)

Our Prediction:

The Heath will win

The Heath – Crettyard Match Prediction | 13-09-2019 15:00

It depends on where you are placing bets from as the laws for legality of online betting on Cricket differs from country to country. While online gambling is legal in a few countries, it is illegal in some and it is advisable that you first check with the betting laws of your country before diving into the world of online cricket betting.

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What are Soccer Stats For?

It is true that the more you know about Cricket, the better are your chances of winning a bet. If you are new to Cricket, you can read our free betting tips and predictions on Cricket matches to increase your chances of winning. However, you don't necessarily need to be an expert and just the basic knowledge of the game is what you need to start placing your bets. For example, you should know what a six is before wagering on 'most match sixes' bet type and what a wicket means before betting on the 'top bowler'. Also know how to bet on Cricket if you don't already.

Bitcoin is a currency like USD, EUR and INR, only that it does not exists physically. However, we recommend you to learn more about them before using them to fund your betting account. Rather, it is a digital currency aka crypto or virtual currency that is generated, stored and transferred online. You might find this final option slightly more complicated to use than the others, but you will eventually find that it is actually the safest way to transfer money to and from your betting account once you get the hang of it. There are exchanges on the internet from where you can buy Bitcoins legally.

Now the rules of dead heat will be applied and you will win only half the amount of money that you would have won upon winning your bet. But at the end of the match, there are two batsmen (including the one on which you wagered) who have top-scored with the same number of runs. In the context of Cricket betting, a dead heat refers to a situation wherein there is more than one winner in a bet. For example, you put your money on a batsman to score the most runs in a match.


Other stats services update once a week, or once a day. We're also continually working to update our stats at an even faster rate. Our aim is to update our stats every 2 minutes in the future. We update our stats every 10 ~ 20 minutes! Other data platforms like soccerstats update much slower than FootyStats. We update within 10 minutes of matches ending and our users love us for it.

The possibilities with these data are endless. We encourage you to use our data to do your own soccer stats analysis such as machine learning and model based predictions. What's more? We make every single one of these data public through our API and CSVs which will be available later this year. We even have odds so that you can compare them against the stats at a glance to see if they provide value. Yes that's right - three whole hundred data points! Shots and posession data will be available later this year as well. It's quite overwhelming at first but here are some of the most used datas : Over 0.5 ~ 5.5 stats, BTTS stats, Clean Sheets, League Tables, Form Tables, In-Play Data, Goals Per match, Conceded per match, Goals / match for Players, Yellow / Red Cards, and even Corner Stats! We have over 500 data points per league, team, and players!

We, at, do all this hard work on your behalf. For example, if you want to bet on the winner of a one-day international between Australia and England, then you should check how the two teams have been performing in recent times, their past performances at the venue of the match, their history of performances against each other in ODIs as well as their head-to-head record at that particular ground. So be sure to read our free betting tips on Cricket matches before placing your 'match winner' bet with a bookmaker. You should do some research before wagering on a team in the 'match winner' bet type. These are a few strategies you can adopt before placing your bet.

Statistics & Notable Scores[edit]

A relatively newer platform for online cricket betting, 1XBet is rapidly building its reputation for providing the best betting experiences to punters all around the world. One of the best features of 1XBet is that, unlike many other cricket betting websites, it allows its customers to withdraw as much money as they want from their accounts. 1XBet is a champion when it comes to promotions as punters receive exciting offers and free bets every now and then.Read More... 1XBet is widely popular for its smooth and uncluttered user interface and impressive performance of its desktop and mobile apps. The sportsbook caters to an enormous customer base as it is available in more than 40 different languages. The site also accepts deposits made with bitcoins in addition to the many e-wallets and pre-paid cards.

This normally includes information about the minimum deposit amount, minimum and maximum amount you can bet on a line at a time and how much do you need to have in your account before you can make a withdrawal. So it's always better to go with a betting site that has reasonable terms and conditions even though it may not offer attractive promotions and bonuses. Before signing up and opening an account with a bookmaker, we highly recommend you to carefully go through their terms and conditions.

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide right from signing up to placing your first bet, you may want to read our detailed information on how to bet on Bet365, how to bet on Betfair and how to bet on Betway. Though these are the basic steps you will need to follow when betting on cricket online, the exact procedure may vary slightly with every sportsbook.

With Neteller, you can transfer your money in all major currencies including INR. Established in 1999, Neteller is like an online bank account that is more convenient and fast than the traditional payment methods. The only hassle you might have to face with it is while creating an account as it will require you to verify your identity. Not only will you be able to transfer money, you will also be entitled to a host of benefits, rewards, offers and special promotions. You can use this e-wallet to transfer money to your betting account and from your betting account back to Neteller in a secure way.