Nina Stojanovic (@2.8) vs Shuai Peng (@1.44)

Our Prediction:

Shuai Peng will win

Nina Stojanovic – Shuai Peng Match Prediction | 19-09-2019 04:00

Nina is currently in the excellent form after the semifinal on WTA Nanchang. Peng is 109th player on wta rank, this year she has 0-3 on clay, 0-2 on grass and 10-6 on hard court. Nina is 110th player on wta rank, this year she has 1-2 indoors, 22-6 on clay and 11-5 on hard court. Here she started with easy win against Frech. Peng is also in the very good form so I expect here over 9.5 games in the first set. WTA Guangzhou, round of 16, the match between Nina and Peng. Peng won in the first meeting on itf Shenzhen 26 64 76.

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These two have never played before. Rybakina will try to overpower Peng, but Peng can absorb Rybakinas power well. Peng uses two hands on both the forehand and the backhand and this gives her good precision and touch on her shots.

When Stosur is playing well, she is able to control the court with her serve and heavy forehand. These two have never played before. However, this is not the Stosur that won the US Open and Stojanovic is playing fantastic tennis. Stojanovic is in great form, having won a title last week (although it was on clay) and generally having played great tennis over the summer. Stosur showed great mental toughness in getting through that first set and beating Rodionova.

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She can take control of rallies with her huge forehand and force Wang to go on the defensive. These two have never played before. Wang will need to try to not be pushed back behind the baseline. Rybakina is the much higher ranked player and has a very powerful game.

The head to head is tied 1-1, with Pliskova winning the latest meeting early this year when Peng retired at 3-3 in the third set. Plisokva will look to have as few long rallies as possible, trying to win using first-strike tennis. Peng plays with two-hands on both the forehand and the backhand and she is able to be very precise with her groundstrokes and she is also very fast around the court Its this speed that will allow her to track down some hard-hit balls and frustrate Pliskova.

Petersons depth and precision on her groundstrokes was very impressive. Rebecca Peterson battles Nina Stojanovic for a spot in the final of the Jiangxi Open. Nina Stojanovic lost the first set to Kateryna Kozlova, but fought back to win the match in three sets. Stojanovic has now won eight matches in a row. Peterson survived a tough three-set battle against Magda Linette, winning in a third set tiebreak.

Nina Stojanovic vsShuai PengToday, 13:00

These two have never played before. She is playing great tennis and even on a day like today, where the going got tough, she didnt fold and she fought back. Stojanovic also played five matches last week, although they all ended in straight sets. Theres something to be said about developing a habit for winning, which is what Stojanovic has done lately. Both will have to worry about fatigue, having played close to three hours Friday.

Zhu easily beat Peangtarn Plipuech in the first round. Zhang made the third round of the US Open. A trip to the quarterfinals in Nanchang is at stake as Shuai Zhang takes on Lin Zhu. Zhang comfortably beat Aleksandra Krunic in the first round. Zhu qualified and won a round in the Bronx and made the second round of the US Open.

Peng won in straight sets over Lin Zhu in the quarterfinals. Rybakina was down a break twice in the final set and Golubic served for the match, but Rybakina fought back and won 7-5 in the third set. Rybakina won in three sets over Viktorija Golubic to reach the semifinals. Shuai Peng takes on Elena Rybakina in the semifinals of the Jiangxi Open.

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