NY Yankees (D German) (@1.75) vs Oakland (H Bailey) (@2.1)

Our Prediction:

NY Yankees (D German) will win

NY Yankees (D German) – Oakland (H Bailey) Match Prediction | 20-08-2019

Houston graded out as below-average on the basepaths, with an overall -0.9 BsR. New York had the 5th best BsR (10.6) this season, second only to the Nationals (12.2) of the remaining playoff teams. Altuve is the Astros biggest threat, with 32 swipes this season. Although he didn't take any bases in the ALDS, New York should probably keep an eye on him in this series if he keeps getting on base as much as he has.

This is a really, really deep, really, really good bullpen. They also came in third in MLB by RE24 (54.92), which is very telling stat for evaluating relievers. A relief corps consisting of Aroldis Chapman, David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle, Dellin Betances and Chad Green should strike fear into opposing hitters, both because of their talents and their ability to go for longer than an inning. Speaking of the bullpen, we've seen just how important the bullpen has become so far this season (and will surely be a topic we revisit during the slog through the offseason), and this is the spot where the Yankees hold their biggest advantage over the Astros. The Yankees' pen led MLB in fWAR (9.2) and in K/9 (10.92).

In September we've gone with more bullpen games than just traditional starters. "I don't know right now how we'll address it. It will depend on their lineup, if we're definitely playing at Yankee Stadium and how some guys have performed there, there's a lot of factors.

This should be a great series as the Athletics have the most patient hitters in the AL, and their pitching is ultra conservative which keeps the in running each game. The Yankees have had a great season thus far, and will be slightly favored on the road against an Athletics team that just won three of four from the Houston Astros. The New York Yankees 83-43 SU head out west to visit the pesky Oakland Athletics 71-53 SU. Thats impressive.

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The Astros had the 9th best bullpen in baseball by fWAR (5.6) and clocked in all the way down at 20th by RE24 (-15.46). After Ken Giles, Chris Devenski and Will Harris, things peter out a bit, although Peacock in a relief role (pitching as well as he has recently before the ALDS as a starter) gives them some depth. There was a reason that Houston's manager A.J.

While it's easy to look at the Astros' 101 wins and the Yankees' 92 and pick Houston as the clear favorite, it's certainly not all that cut and dry. If we turn to projected standings, Houston very slightly overperformed, as BaseRuns had them as a 99-win team and their Pythagorean record had them as a 100-win team. Through the regular season, the teams had nearly identical run differentials, with New York checking in with +198 and Houston with +196.

The management situation is probably a wash, with Yankees manager Joe Girardi botching a review call in the ALDS, but he's managed his bullpen aggressively with his eye keenly set on winning the game. Hinch made the right decision to bring Verlander into the game in the final game against Boston, but it was also a bit of a risk if they weren't able to pull off the win since he wouldn't be available to start Game 5. While I'd give the advantage to Houston here, it could go either way.

The Astros struck out less than any other team in baseball (17.3 K%) and they really make opposing pitchers work. The Astros had the best lineup in baseball by fWAR (33.0). So, it comes as little surprise that they lead MLB across every element of the slash line (.282/.346/.478) and posted the best wRC+ (121). Jose Altuve was my pick for AL MVP and he's not proving my decision wrong so far, as he's hitting .533/.632/1.133 so far this postseason.

So there's a narrative there worth rooting for. Another trip to the World Series for the Yankees, well, not so much. I'm from Houston originally and have family and friends there, so I am personally aware of how badly Hurricane Harvey decimated the city and, while it's not as if winning a championship will undo any of that, it's certainly a welcome civic unifier and distraction from worrying about the aftermath and rebuilding. If you don't have any skin in the game, it's hard to imagine rooting for the Evil Empire this time around.

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Process that for a moment, it's ridiculous. All in all, the Astros' top pitchers look to fare better against the Yankees than the other way around, which looks to be very important in terms of keeping the aggressive bullpen use by the managers to turning into overuse as the postseason wears on. It's been noted that, on Monday night, the slowest fastball that a Yankees pitcher threw was 96 miles per hour and the average fastball was 98 miles per hour. But we should also note that the Astros' offense led MLB in contact percentage (81.2%), and, when you combine that with the fact that they were just behind the Yanks in terms of home runs and the heat that the Yankees' pitchers are putting on in the postseason, we can probably expect to see a lot of Astros sending balls out of the park, especially at Yankee Stadium.

The 33-year-old Texan was 2-2 with a 7.86 ERA in his first five starts with the Athletics. Cameron Maybin is 5-for-12 with a home run and two walks against Bailey, who is 2-1 with a 4.42 ERA in three starts versus the Yankees after pitching six strong innings in a 6-1 victory April 18 while a member of the Kansas City Royals. 16-2, 3.96 ERA (Athletics RH Homer Bailey ) Bailey permitted two hits and one walk with seven strikeouts in seven shutout innings of a 9-5 victory at San Francisco on Wednesday.