Max Holloway (@1.53) vs Alexander Volkanovski (@2.5)

Our Prediction:

Max Holloway will win

Max Holloway – Alexander Volkanovski Match Prediction | 14-12-2019 23:00

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People dont like him because he wasnt the most interesting champ and he lost to two guys who are very popular. If Volkanovski can win this fight he absolutely deserves a title shot, and I like his odds. Hes so aggressive in everything he does and thats the formula to beat Aldo. Jose Aldo is the greatest 145er of all time.

UFC 237 Predictions: Jose Aldo vs. Alexander Volkanovski

While the retirement of Chad Mendes somewhat overshadowed it, Volkanovskis beating of one of the best counterpunchers in MMA made his stock skyrocket and showed a side of the Australian wrestle-clincher that hadnt really been seen prior. A win over the greatest featherweight ever is a feat that has only been matched by Conor McGregor and Max Holloway, and it would put Volkanovski in position for a title shot. Meanwhile, Alexander Volkanovski put together an excellent performance in his last fight against a legend and looks to enter the top #2 with a win over another one.

Ive got many tools that he needs to worry about, so I believe its a very dangerous fight for him. Hes the type of person that does come forward and hes not the hardest hitter, hes got a lot of volume, but again if youre there trying to throw volume at me, youre gonna receive some and theyre gonna be heavy and theyre gonna be powerful. Then youve got my wrestling to worry about, then youve got everything else to worry about.

But hes game, he knows the Australian fans will love him as well. Everybody knows thats gonna be a cracker of a fight, so I dont think it will be as hostile a crowd or something like hed have to worry like it is in Rio, I think that would be a bit more crazy than it would be in Australia. He doesnt want to fight in Australia, I guess hes the champ, whatever. I should get a fight with Max Holloway, definitely, 100 percent I deserve that title fight, Volkanovski told host Luke Thomas. I reckon hed do it and we just need to make it happen.

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Standing at range isnt a solution against a fighter as smart and as dangerous as Aldo, but neither is imperfect pressure; it takes a near-airtight striking game to give Aldo trouble. Aldos showing against Renato Moicano showed what Aldo could do when allowed room to work and his own pace from the start; Moicano functions best as an outside-kicker and Aldo thoroughly nullified that (and outkicked him, landing a leg kick to run Moicano into a clean left hook), out-jabbed one of the better and longer jabbers in the division, and eventually forced the pocket to find the finish. Of course, if Aldo isnt pressed, hes just as dangerous; at range, while Aldo has pared down his game (the lack of leg kicks has become a fairly consistent criticism), hes about as potent as ever and as skilled as any fighter in MMA history.

I said 2019 Im going to be champion. Ive got these goals, Im ticking them off. Next year, Were going to look at that pound for pound list, Volkanovski said. I want to be right up there.

With Scarface preferring to stand and trade shots the older hes got, this fight could quickly descend into a brawl. Aldos black belt trumps Volkanovskis brown, but the Aussie brings serious punching power and stamina into the bargain. The wizened master versus the rising star makes for a mouthwatering match-up, especially as both fighters are trained in the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Alexander Volkanovski says he always knew he was bad matchup for Max Holloway

Aldo has looked like a man with something to prove in his last two fights and I expect that to continue. My guess is that it doesnt mean much and Jose Aldo is going to walk through Alexander Volkanovski in his home country. I think were going to learn here what a win over Chad Mendes means in 2019. Aldo is a big step up in competition for Volkanovski so Im calling for a first-round KO for Aldo in what may be a rare feel-good moment for the Brazilian fans on this card.

Hes fought guys that are well-rounded, like people will say Frankies well-rounded, but I believe Ive got a lot more tools, Volkanovski said. And my wrestling, you know, and strength. I believe Ive got a higher fight IQ and I play whats in front of me a bit better, than what Frankie would, you know, I believe.