Brive (@1.8) vs Toulon (@2.0)

Our Prediction:

Brive will win

Brive – Toulon Match Prediction | 28-09-2019 09:30

It should be an easy and comfortable win for Toulouse. There does not seem to be any reason to believe that Brive will be able to break away from their slump any time soon, definitely not in this game as even though they are at home, Tolouse have shown they are a team that is looking to impress this year.

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Top 14 Round 7

I reckon te away team are by far the better side and i think they will run away with the scoring here a little and this could be a very one sided match. Two poor sides here but you have to think that the home side are going to be up against it if they want tho get anything from this game.

Up next, they have to face a Brive side that should not ordinarily cause any problems, but in saying that, they away from home for it. Toulon just cant seem to break free of about fifth place on the Top 14 log, their winning ratio away from home is the thing that is killing them because it certainly is not their star power or their ability.

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It is not a terrible showing, as for their efforts they have 36 points and are capable of jumping huge amounts with a few wins, but it is a mediocre performance with away games again being the main issue. Brive are coming off two of those losses, both away from home, so they will be relishing a chance to get some points on the log again after a lean spell, the losses to Racing and Bayonne would have stung as neither of those teams are that much of a threat this season. Brive are all the way down in 10th on the log, with a fairly even split between their wins and loss, sitting at eight wins and a draw to nine losses in their 16 games.

Top 14 Round 22

Back at home and Racing Metro arrived, but they managed to win by 19 points before a massive demolition came from Clermont where Brive again traveled but suffered a 56 point hammering, not even scoring a single try. They first lost at home to last years log topping La Rochelle by nine points, which to be fair was not a terrible result. But then came Lyon where Brive had to travel and they ended up losing comfortably by 15 points. Brive look as if they are to be the whipping boys of the Top 14 this year as they have not won a single game, or even collected a single point as they sit rooted to the bottom of the log. They have faced some pretty tough opposition, but at home they would have been expected to have done a lot better.

They have won their home games, which include a tight four-point win over Pau and the most recent win over Stade Francais which was a bit of a walk over as they cracked fifty points and won by 36. They did however lose to Toulon in a game on the road also by a small margin of just four points though. This away game is probably the best one they could ask for however in this situation as they have a real chance of a win here and a good opportunity to push their momentum up. Toulouse in the meantime have not had too bad a season. And then in their opening game they were probably lucky to walk away with a draw against new boys Oyonnax as they were trailing before a late try saw them get a 23-23 draw.

Toulon still do have a good side, and are able to inflict big defeats on any opponent that comes their way, but they only ever seem to be up for it when they are at home and playing for their crowd. Toulon will also be missing a few key players who will be at Six Nations duty, but they do at least have a lot of depth. They are stuck in fifth spot and even with all the funds and players available to them, they are not able to compete with even the likes of recently promoted side La Rochelle. For the Galacticos of France, Toulon, their glory days of dominating France as well as Europe seem to be a bit beyond them now.

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