Australia (@3.0) vs Iran (@1.33)

Our Prediction:

Iran will win

Australia – Iran Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 05:00

While Iran would have been expected to win this fixture if it was contested a month back, the side have been unable to come to terms with the massive pressure they have encountered in the world cup, being made light work of by their counterparts. Calling a winner from this one is extremely difficult given the current form of both these outfits.

They ended up falling apart in the fourth quarter, squandering a healthy lead to lose against Puerto Rico from a winning position with no one but the side to blame for their ordeal. What would perturb them especially is the close defeat they had to endure in their previous clash, one where they failed to show the composure worthy of a side of stature.

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Iran will come up against Puerto Rico, who also had a similar qualifying campaign. They also needed a win in their last qualifying campaign to guarantee qualification. Former Dallas Mavericks guard Jose Barea is a veteran in this Puerto Rico side. Puerto Rico is a better historic side compared to Iran, but they have struggled recently. Puerto Rico beat Uruguay to secure their path to the World Cup.

He ensured that he was the first player to latch onto the ball for his side, helping keep possession for his team, a proposition which turned out to be invaluable for them in turning over possession. Right on the end of 11 rebounds the last time around, Australias Nic Kay played out the role of a power forward to perfection for his side.

Someone who has intertwined with him perfectly has been Joe Ingles with both the shooters moving steadfastly outside the circle to keep interchanging positions to compliment each others style of play.


Undoubtedly the best shooter in Australias contingent, Matthew Dellavedova has been quissential to Australias cause of making it this far. His ability to send down open threes and position himself within the range from outside the circle have benefitted his side massively and with France offering a stern test defensively, hell be called upon to open up play from outside the line at ample occasions.

A win today would seal the bronze medal for them, a colossal achievement to emphasise how the winner has thrived at this edition of the world cup. Now regaling us in their riveting and meticulous brand of basketball for one final time at the marquee tournamnet, both the sides will be battling it out for the third place spot today as they look to wrap up a pristine campaign in perfect fashion.

The last time they won the Asian Cup was back in 2013. Irans qualifying campaign was far from secure. Iran needed to win that game to gain the path to the World Cup. Their last appearance at the Olympic Games was in 2008 when they finished 11th in Beijing. They have failed to qualify for the Olympics in that period. In the previous two editions of the Asian Cup Iran have finished third and second respectively. They were not sure of qualification until their last game against Australia.

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It is filled with players who know what it takes to succeed at the highest level, players who are known for their flexibility to change ther style of play as per the opposition. While Francs defence fell apart the last time around as the side failed to emanate the same display they had put up against USA, there is no doubting what this side can do when functioning at its best.