Alize Cornet (@2.8) vs Sofia Kenin (@1.44)

Our Prediction:

Sofia Kenin will win

Alize Cornet – Sofia Kenin Match Prediction | 12-09-2019 04:00

Kerber has been returning well, claiming eight breaks of serve in her previous two matches. Caroline Garcia needed three sets to gain her quarterfinal berth. The Frenchwomans win was anything but straightforward as Spains rising star Paula Badosa Gibert took the second set in a tiebreak 7-1. The #6 seed hasnt had an easy draw with her matches in Mallorca requiring three sets to decide. Garcia will need to up her first serve percentage against the top seed.

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She bested Belgians Alison Van Uytvanck in straight sets. But, as Wangs confidence builds, so does the caliber of her opponent. Wang is not considered a threat on the grass courts, having won only 50% of matches on this surface. The Chineses clay court season was rather dismal and has taken its toll on her confidence. Yet, Wangs second round win was impressive. Wang Yafan is an unlikely quarterfinalist.

Odds are a measure of probability and represent the most likely outcome. The odds are a numerical representation of the chance that a result will take place.

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Prediction and head to head Sofia Kenin vs. Alize Cornet

Unlike the fractions and decimals, Money Line odds come with and + symbols used by bookmakers to show the potential wins on the betting board. Punters who have a penchant for baseball or hockey will get something in a form of -120 or +200 to illustrate the profit in relation to the original wager. Money line or the American odds are primarily used in the United States.